Christina & Dany

Words cannot express our gratitude for Diane. Our wedding exceeded every expectation; it was something out of a dream! And we owe that to Diane. 

We were amazingly surprised by her devotion and passion for her work. She really planned this wedding as if it were her own. From day one, she was extremely responsive, listening to our visions of the wedding, getting to know us and to understand our style and tastes, as well as adding exquisite ideas on the table. She has an exceptional taste, so if you are in need of inspiration, you’re definitely in good hands. 

You have to know that Diane is extremely organized. Throughout the planning process, we received detailed presentations regarding every intricate detail about the wedding including the venue, the color palette, the flowers, the table set, the cutlery. She even helped me pick my dress!

Diane’s planning was extremely smooth and easy by streamlining all the vendors and design aspects.
All our bookings took place through Diane, so we didn’t have to follow-up with multiple vendors. We loved that, as everything was centralized for us and alleviated any additional stress. She kept the planning experience fun from start to finish.

An important point is the detailed budget she provided us, which included the list of the different vendors and the corresponding payment deadlines. She is very good about keeping to schedules, constantly and patiently sending us reminders about upcoming important deadlines.

What truly sealed our trust in Diane, is how much she respected our budget. Combining experience and cleverness she really helped us optimize our budget, sharing her tricks about where to spend our money and where not to; as well as negotiating the best prices with vendors. We truly felt that she worked hard to put us at ease, constantly reminding us that the whole purpose of her planning our wedding was to make this day the ´best day of our life’. 

She is easy to work with, and above all is truly professional, which I feel is important considering that we spent months talking together. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had regarding any topic. She kept the planning experience fun. 

Diane planned out everything to finite details and managed the set up of the wedding flawlessly. On our wedding day, she worked her magic, it turned out to be something out of a fairytale! 

I was extremely relaxed as I knew I had absolutely nothing to stress about because Diane and her team were working on every little detail. 

Planning a destination wedding, however exciting as it may be, is certainly not a piece of cake. I therefore strongly recommend that you work with the amazing, friendly, kind and trustworthy person that Diane is. There are not enough words to describe how grateful we are for Diane being part of our special day. She is a top-notch planner and I am incredibly lucky to have had her help. I will truly miss working with her. 

Jamie & Bill

I cannot say enough great things about Diane. She was so amazing to work with. We live in Philadelphia, USA and planned a wedding in Mykonos with no stress and no pressure as she took care of everything… Even things we did not even think of. 

She set us up with the most amazing florist, photographers, videographers, officiant, DJ, makeup artist, and much much more. All we had to do is tell her our vision and she brought it to life and when I saw the ceremony setup from the flowers to the arch to the welcome sign, the aisle, the stage, we were absolutely speechless as were all our guests… but that was just the beginning.

The venue was adorned with the most breathtaking tables and centerpieces and hanging lights and greens. Words cannot describe the beauty. It was like a fairytale. Everyone at our wedding was enthralled by the beauty of everything. All our guests said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to! 

In addition to her talent, she was an amazing support the day of the wedding. She came to see me in the morning to make sure I was doing good and calmed my nerves. 

She is a breath of fresh air and not only was she super professional, she was also a friend that day! I recommend anyone getting married to hire her as she is smart, knowledgeable, a visionary and just so sweet.

Charlie & Brendan

I would highly recommend Lily of the Valley to anyone looking for a wedding planner who is intelligent, professional, fun and easy to work with. 

Diane maintains constant communication with you throughout the planning period. She also works with the finest connections and she works hard with them to help use the full potential of your budget. She cares more about your experience and that you fully enjoy the wedding planning process. 

She gave us a dream wedding, far beyond what we could have imagined. I’m sure she will for anyone else who asks her to plan their wedding.

Gaelle & Habib

We really felt that Diane from Lily of the Valley was planning our wedding as if it was her own, down to the last detail. We were extremely comfortable working with her and loved the fact that we deeply connected together. We managed to build deep rapport, beyond professional arrangement. Diane was very welcoming and extremely accommodating during our visit to Mykonos for venue scouting.

She was available anytime and always open to answering any questions regarding any topic and providing us with lots of information in a very professional and clear communication via emails to keep track of everything for future references. She even assisted us in creating a website that was so informative to all guests and pretty entertaining. 

Diane made us feel very confident that the wedding would be simply amazingly arranged and prepared. We could have never done it remotely without her!


Tatiana & Alain

We were extremely fortunate to have been introduced to Diane Kiameh from Lily of the Valley, to help plan our wedding. Diane immediately understood our tastes and worked with us to find the perfect venue, as well as the right vendors and suppliers in Athens. 

Planning a wedding in a remote destination, from the other side of the planet is not an easy endeavor, but thanks to Diane’s awesome tastes and talent and her help in finding us top-rated vendors, the process went really smoothly. I wouldn’t recommend anyone plan a destination wedding without the help of a reputable local planner, like Diane!

For our wedding’s color palette, Diane helped us decide on a blush and dusty blue, which fit our summer wedding perfectly, especially with the beautiful Island Private house as the focal point and the gorgeous Mediterranean as the backdrop.

Apart from her talent, one cannot deny Diane’s lovely hospitality. We followed her advice and went to Greece 5 months prior where she had planned a whole week for us from morning to night meeting all the vendors, food and wine tasting and making sure we made the right decisions. Not to mention the time she spent with me going from store to store to try wedding dresses.

This is not your ordinary planner! Even though we had spent so much time thinking about that day and planning for it, we simply couldn’t believe how wonderfully magical it all looked in the end. No words can express what we felt. It was truly and unequivocally a fairytale setting, as cliché as that sounds! 

And what better than knowing that Diane was there that night looking over every single detail and making sure than all was going perfectly and according to plan.  Thank you so much Diane for everything, you are truly the best decision we made for our wedding and everything went uphill after that.

Jessica & Albert

Lily of the Valley made our wedding dreams come true! If you are thinking of having a wedding in the Greek islands, you must hire Diane! Aside from deciding to get married, hiring her was the best decision we made. She’s trustworthy, detail-oriented, responsible, and thoughtful. We are so glad we found her and give her and her company the highest possible recommendation.

We live in the United States, so planning a wedding in Mykonos was very daunting. We initially tried to contact venues, hotels, and restaurants ourselves, but it was hopeless. We got a lot of run-around, delayed responses, no responses, and then ended up with a lot of pre-packaged weddings that didn’t suit us. We contacted several wedding planners after that and we chose Diane because she actually LISTENS! Most of the other planners already had packages they were trying to sell us or they didn’t want to give us information. Diane was different. She asked very detailed questions about what we wanted and our budget. She helped us pick a venue, a private villa, sent us photos of decorative visions to pin down our style, and video chatted with us. 

She walked us through every step and was comforting and amazingly organized! She had color-coded charts, which impressed us exceedingly. She also gave us very thoughtful advice.

But she really earned our highest praise when, just a month before our wedding, our venue canceled on us. It was an incredibly stressful time but Diane researched alternative venues and visited them. We ultimately booked a wonderful villa that Diane found and that was even better than the first! Diane saved the day. She really is a hero to us. 

And the wedding ceremony and reception itself was spectacular! Diane’s style vision is unparalleled and she brought our dreams to life and even made them better. From the place settings to the flowers, the ceremonial arch, even the placement of the chairs, it was just so beautiful and detailed. Everything about our wedding screamed WOW! And all the vendors chosen by Diane were first class, including the photographer, stationer, the florist, and the chef.

We are both vegan so she made sure we had an all-vegan dinner and wedding cake! And the food and wine—chosen by Diane— were delicious! Our guests were so impressed and we wanted to take all the credit, but just kept repeating, “it was Diane, our wedding planner!” 

Diane also arranged transportation for our guests to the ceremony and to Mykonos Town afterwards for our post-wedding bar hopping. 

The day went by so fast! There were a lot of moving parts that Diane handled flawlessly and perfectly, and nothing took away from our special day!

Diane along with her husband Andreas, went above and beyond and exceeded all of our expectations. Plus, you can tell she loves what she does. It emanates from her smile and her presence. It’s reflected in all the work she did. Everything about our wedding was so magical and dreamy we wish we could do it again. Luckily, our photographer was excellent so we have incredible pictures we can’t stop looking at! 

We recommend Lily of the Valley wholeheartedly and without reservation! Do yourself a favor and book your wedding with them. You won’t regret it! Best. Decision. Ever.